Kiffin fired for 'cause'

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The Raiders have officially announced they have fired Lane Kiffin.

Interestingly, the statement announcing the firing said Kiffin was released for "cause." This is a carefully-chosen legal term. It is obvious the Raiders are going to say that Kiffin forced him to fire him for insubordination. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that Raiders owner Al Davis does not plan to pay the remaining $3.5 million he owes Kiffin.

Expect a long, drawn out battle between Kiffin and the Raiders on this one. However, Mike Shanahan, who was also relieved of his duties as the Raiders coach after 20 games -- 19 years ago -- has yet to be paid fully by Davis what is owed to him. Thus, Kiffin shouldn't plan on receiving his money anytime soon.

In addition to not paying him, the Raiders are not going to allow him to address the team one last time. In the end, Davis has punished Kiffin hard. Davis supporters say Kiffin deserves this treatment for publicly questioning the boss.

Whether you agree, Davis owns the Raiders and it's his decision on how he wants to handle things. Davis is expected to address the media today at 2 p.m. PT. It will be very interesting hear what he has to say.