Haley's call on a fake punt backfires

KANSAS CITY -- Todd Haley has been questioned for play calls often in his first season as an NFL head coach.

The questioning will continue Sunday.

Early in the second half, Haley snuck backup quarterback Brodie Croyle onto the field as the punter from Kansas City's own 27. Croyle tried a pass, but it was badly thrown. Denver took over at the 27. The Broncos converted the Kansas City gaffe into a field goal and a 17-6 lead.

The call was unfathomable. You are really going to send out a quarterback on the field instead of the punter and expect it to work?

Maybe Haley thought he could catch Denver sleeping like Washington did on a fake field goal that went for a touchdown a few weeks ago.

Whatever Haley’s reason for it, it’s inexcusable. I think Haley has gotten bad rap in some cases this season, but that call was not good. It was way too risky considering there was nearly a half of football to be played and his team was trailing by eight.

Denver now leads 24-6.