Week 14: AFC West power rankings

We have streamlined the voting process in ESPN.com's Power Rankings. I no longer have a vote.

I still have an opinion, though, so here goes:

San Diego

  • Power Ranking: 4th

  • My ranking range: 3 to 4

  • Why: The Chargers can make a statement at Dallas on Sunday.


  • Power Ranking: 9th

  • My ranking range: 8 to 10

  • Why: Denver seems to be on the right track again.


  • Power Ranking: 25th

  • My ranking range: 23 to 25

  • Why: The Raiders have some impressive wins this season.

Kansas City

  • Power Ranking: 28th

  • My ranking range: 28 to 29

  • Why: The Chiefs are not progressing.