Quote sheet: Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Courtesy of the Denver PR staff, here is a sampling of Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler's press briefings Wednesday:

Mike Shanahan

On Denver's defense

"The one thing that I was disappointed in (at Kansas City) is we gave up four runs that normally we (stop). These were just normal runs where we weren't as focused as we normally are. If you take the other 24 runs you say, 'Hey, that's 2.4 yards per rushing attempt.' A lot of times when you get run on you just get flat feet, you get run over. So that was disappointing. We missed some tackles in there, we had a couple of technique errors, but we can build on that. From that standpoint, there is encouragement. Sometimes you look at that film and you go 'Holy Cow. We got run over; we just didn't get the job done.'"

On whether he is concerned with QB Jay Cutler trying too hard to go for the big play

"That's a problem you want. You want guys who want to force it down the field. Most quarterbacks, they don't want to throw it down the field. They want to dink and dunk, they want to get their stats, and they want to look at their percentages. Quarterbacks, when they believe in themselves, they can throw the ball down the field and make some big-time plays. The easy thing is to get him to go the other direction. I like the confidence, and I like the way he as handled himself through the preseason and regular season. If I have a problem then that's a problem that I want to have."

Jay Cutler

On starting fresh after a loss

"We had to go back to work. The last couple of days we kind of dwelled on it a little bit and now we have a fresh week. That is the good thing about the NFL-Each and every week you get another chance to play."

On last week's game vs. Kansas City

"We did things that we talked about all we that we shouldn't do. We turned the ball over, and we killed drives and it is tough to win football games like that."

On being on pace to reach 5,000 passing yards

"That is a lot. We are going to start getting game-planned pretty hard. Those first four games, everyone in the NFL will go back and look at them and then make adjustments. We understand that offensively we are doing some good stuff. Obviously turnovers killed us the last game, but we are going to get back on track to what we are doing. This week is going to be a huge test for us because this defense doesn't give up a lot of big plays. They keep things in front of them and react to the ball. They are always sound, always in the right place and they make you dump the ball off. We will see what happens."

On his goals

"I didn't really set any personal goals with numbers. The season flies by so quick that you don't get a chance to look at them, but we are 3-1. That is obviously a good start for us and we are happy to be there. We could have been 4-0, but we let one get away from us. We just have to get back to work and keep grinding. We will see what happens."

On if he would prefer to have more balance with the run

"I like what we are doing right now. I think Jeremy (Bates) and the offensive staff are doing a great job. Obviously they are going to look back at last game and say we should have ran the ball more or we should have done this and that but that is how it goes sometimes. They are doing a great job upstairs."

On if he looks back on the 2006 draft and thinks about where he could have ended up

"When the draft happens you think,' I could have been here or I could have been there.' You look at the other guys and they were on the right track to doing some pretty good things. The NFL is funny. I think the quarterback position, most of all, is a crap shoot especially early on. Guys come from different programs learning a new offense. You don't know what kind of system they had in college. When you get to the NFL, you might land at a running team. There are so many variables involved in that. When you look over the years, the first round quarterbacks are probably the biggest craps shoot out there."

On if Michael Pittman gives him pointers on the Buccaneers' defense

"I will ask him a few questions, but he was on the offensive side. You can ask me about our defense and I could tell you what they did during camp, right now I don't know what they are doing. They are separated so much during the season, but I will ask him a few questions. I don't know what kind of insights he may have."