AFC West mail call

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mailbag:

Ben from Columbia: How much do you think the loss of tony scheffler and possibly eddie royal will effect the broncos passing game this week against the jaguars? Obviously it will force the broncos to rely heavier on Brandon Marshall but do you see the Broncos overcoming this losses and still getting a win?

BW: These are two of Jay Cutler's favorite targets so there will be an adjustment. Cutler still has his two other favorite targets, Brandon Marshall and Brandon Stokley. Again, expect a time of adjustment for Cutler in the game. He does have a nice field relationship with Nate Jackson who will be playing for Scheffler. It will be interesting to see. Jacksonville always gives Denver's offense fits and without Scheffler and Royal will be even more of a challenge.


Joe from Philly: Hey Bill. Long time Denver fan here, and since I live on the east coast, I have to thank you for helping me to get the latest on my Broncos. Here is a question: Does this division have the most obvious home stadium advantages? Or do AFC West teams win just at much at home as every team (traditionally, cause in recent years the Chiefs and Raiders haven't been so good)?
BW: Traditionally, Denver and Kansas City have been difficult places to play. I think each AFC West house is particularly tough for the other AFC West teams. When you visit an AFC West opponent, it is never easy. See Denver's trip to Kansas City this year was evidence.

F: what's up bill, i check out your afc blog everyday and i am a lifelong raiders fan. even though i agree that the lane kiffin firing could have been handled differently, why are people always getting on al davis for firing his coaches? of the recent coaches they have had only john gruden has achieved any kind of success. bill calahan was fired from nebraska, and hasn't recieved any other head coach looks, neither have art shell or mike white, and norv turner was fired by the redskins, and he still hasn't gotten a san diego charger team to the level where most people think they should be. i think we both know that if a coach gets fired and other teams think that he is a good coach they will hire him, ie, belicheck, dungee, jauron, etc. so tell what's up with the al bashing?
BW: Davis gets a lot of heat because he hires and fires so many coaches. Yes, a lot of been failures but he did hire these people. You have to remember that.

Mike from Flordia: With the way Jay Cutler is playing, do you see him Winning the mvp? Or possibly leading denver to a superbowl?
BW: Mike it is very early but, yes, Cutler has to be considered an early candidate for the NFL MVP award. He has been fantastic. If Denver makes a long playoff run, I could see him staying an MVP candidate.

Kathy Schall from Topeka ks: I think it is time for the Chiefs to get rid of Carl Peterson, Herm Edwards. Lets face it the Chiefs have been going down hill since Vermill left. You could even go back to Marty. I know high school teams that play better than the Chiefs. We have 4 quarter backs and if you put them all together you couldn't get an 1/8 of a quarterback. That is a sad thing. Brode is the worse quarterback in the leaque. I don't know where Edwards and Peterson thinking he is a good quarterback, he was just okay at the college level but he is not a pro level quarterback. Hunt needs to take control of his football team because us fans can only be loyal for so long.
BW: You are fired up, Kathy. You aren't happy with your team at all. Then again, why should you be? Well, Kathy, if the Chiefs continue to struggle, you may get your wish. A complete overall could be on the way.

Supa Dave from Atlanta: The Chiefs have so many needs. Do you see them trading their last two superstars, Gonzales or Johnson, before the trade deadline?
BW: I don't see it, but you know what, and I can't believe I'm saying this. It might not be that bad of an idea. But only in the right situation. If Kansas City were to get very high draft picks for both, I say do it. The Chiefs are only going to get better because of youth and they need another draft. Both Gonzalez and Johnson likely won't be around for a resurgence in Kansas City so maybe they should be given a chance to go to a winner while the Chiefs can still get value for them But that being said, I don't see the Chiefs getting enough in return for both of these players to make it worth parting with two longtime stars.