AFC West mailbag

Brian from San Diego wants to know if the Raiders could take Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford if he is on the board when Oakland picks at No. 8 in the April draft.

Bill Williamson: Sure. If Bradford’s shoulder is repaired as it is expected to be, he would be a good value pick at No. 8. Let’s face it, Oakland needs a quarterback of the future, so Bradford would be tempting if he is on the board. But Oakland has other pressing needs, including the offensive line and at several spots on defense. It might be prudent for Oakland to address other parts of team in the first round and look at getting a young quarterback later in the draft.

Derron from Campbell River wants to know if there is any way Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb could end up in Denver.

BW: Well, Derron, Philadelphia coach Andy Reid has said McNabb will be back in 2010. Anyway, I really think Denver is happy with Kyle Orton, at least for the time being. I think Orton will be Denver’s quarterback for the next year or two while it looks for a long-term answer at quarterback.

Mike from Fresno wants to know what I think the key for San Diego against the Jets on Sunday in the AFC playoffs will be.

BW: I know a lot has been made about the Jets' No. 1 run game and No. 1 defense during the regular season. But if San Diego does what it does best –- dominate on offense and score a bunch of points -- it will be fine. San Diego can, and has, scored on good defenses. San Diego should win if it stays patient when it has the ball and does not panic if the Jets play well. Even if New York's defense is stout or if its offense controls the clock with the run game, the Chargers have way too many weapons not to be successful.