Jets make loss more painful in San Diego

This one has to sting, Chargers fans.

Marty Schottenheimer got a game ball for the Jets’ win over San Diego in the AFC divisional playoffs Sunday. Ouch.

Schottenheimer is a beloved figure in San Diego. Many fans were in an uproar after he was fired following a first-round playoff loss in 2006. San Diego was 14-2 in the regular season that year. It was 13-3 this year and coach Norv Turner received a three-year contract extension the day after the loss.

Schottenheimer didn’t get along with the San Diego front office and that led to his departure.

Why did Schottenheimer get the game ball from Ryan? New York’s offensive coordinator is Brian Schottenheimer, Marty’s son.

Brian Schottenheimer admitted this week the win over San Diego felt good because of his father’s past. Clearly, Brian Schottenheimer and Ryan's motivation to beat the Chargers went beyond progressing to the AFC championship game.

Again, ouch.