You pick it responses

Oakland hiring Baltimore quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson is our “you pick it'' feature this week.

The other candidates were former New England defensive coordinator Dean Pees going to Baltimore as linebackers coach, after he was a candidate to be Denver’s defensive coordinator and former San Diego quarterback Drew Brees leading New Orleans to the Super Bowl.

I agree with the readers that the Jackson story is significant. If bewildered Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell has a chance to succeed it will be with Jackson’s help. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Joe from San Francisco, CA: The hiring of Hue Jackson is HUGE for the Raiders. This guy has a great history with quarterbacks and wide receivers. Both areas need improvement with the team.

Daylon from Wyoming: Gotta stick wtih my team for this one. Pees going to Baltimore really doesnt bother me. If Martindale gets the job it would give the defense at least a bit of continuity and hopefully Elvis's old positon coach as the DC would continue his development as well as get Ayers more involved.

Brenton from Lancaster, PA: The storyline of the week is by far Oakland signing Hue Jackson as OC. This is a great move by Al Davis (along with the hiring of Waufel for DL coach). Hue Jackson seemed to be able to shape Joe Flacco pretty well. I see some resemblances in Joe Flacco and Jamarcus Russel (mainly their cannon for an arm). I'm hoping that Hue Jackson will be able to either shape Jamarcus into something better than a high school quarterback or at least help find a new QB in the upcoming draft or Bruce. I think it's a big step relieving Cable of play calling duties and I definitely see the Raiders keeping Cable. Things are looking up, just please let's not blow our first pick again this year!

Troy from Escondido, CA: It's gotta be McDaniels getting snubbed by Pees... Oakland just isnt news worthy period and it's not much of a surprise that EZ Breesy is doing well at this point.McDaniels couldnt get along with Mike Nolan who unquestionably did more to contribute to Denver's success than did McDaniels, he couldn't get along with Cutler, he cant get along with Marshall... For all the hype that came with his hiring, he's proving to be nothing more than another bad apple from the Belicheat coaching tree. He's no better coach than Crenell or Weis but he's apparently got a much larger ego since no one worth a darn wants to work with him.

Mike from Long Beach: Hue Jackson is a top, young talent. I can’t believe he’s agreed to come to Oakland. Great move, Mr. Davis.

Tom from Oakland: Hue Jackson gives us a chance. It’s a big deal and it’s the story of the week.