AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mailbag:

Adam Schwartz from Florence, S.C., wants to know if Kansas City could trade for Denver’s Brandon Marshall or Arizona’s Anquan Boldin.

Bill Williamson: I think Boldin would be the more likely of the two. I really don’t see Denver wanting to face Marshall twice a season. Boldin played for Kansas City coach Todd Haley in Arizona. If the price is a second- or third-round pick, the Chiefs should consider it. The Chiefs can also afford to give Boldin the lucrative long-term deal he would want. Boldin would be a perfect veteran presence for Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel. I think the Chiefs should consider it.

Ed from San Ramon, Calif., wants to know if Oakland should draft Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford.

BW: I don’t think so. Oakland has other needs it can address at No. 8. I don’t think the Raiders should spend another big, rookie contract on an unproven player so soon after taking JaMarcus Russell. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Oakland to take a quarterback in the mid rounds, but it’s not the time for the Raiders to use a top pick on a quarterback.

Steve Blecha from SF, Calif., wants to know if Denver should try to trade for Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb.

BW: I could see a reason for Denver to be interested if McNabb becomes available. But ultimately, I think Denver may want to shy away from that option. McNabb is 33 and he only has a small window of helping a team. Denver is not just a quarterback away from being a Super Bowl contender. I think the Broncos should concentrate on building several areas and not spend big resources on McNabb. Denver may be better off keeping Kyle Orton and building around him.