Porter is interested in playing for the Chargers

Well, it seems like our thoughts on the rumors of Joey Porter ending up in Oakland are moot because the Raiders are not on Porter’s radar.

But another AFC West team is high on Porter’s wish list. He said Tuesday that he wants to play for a team with a 3-4 defense that is located close to his Bakersfield, Ca. home. He mentioned San Diego, San Francisco and Arizona. Porter wants out of Miami.

Now, all Porter needs is San Diego to be interested.

I’m not sure if this would be a great pairing. The Chargers are looking to getting younger at their pass-rush positions. The linebacker is about to turn 33.

Plus, the Chargers usually don’t add big-name players and they try to shy away from overtly-brash player.

Still, if Shawne Merriman were to leave through restricted free agency, perhaps the Chargers will be in play for Porter. Yet, ultimately, he might be a rotational player in San Diego, which is the reason why he wants to leave Miami.

So, San Diego might not be the perfect fit. If Porter becomes open to playing for a 4-3 team perhaps Oakland would interest him.