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Monday, January 5, 2009
Cable and Edwards remain in flux

By Bill Williamson

Posted by's Bill Williamson

Just how many head coaching jobs are open in the AFC West?

Basically, Cable and Edwards are in flux. They are lame ducks.

It happens in the NFL. But Oakland and Kansas City both need to get moving. Neither Cable nor Edwards deserve to continue to be in limbo. It's been a week now. The Raiders and Chiefs have to get on the ball.

If Cable has a chance to be retained in Oakland he needs to be told that. The Raiders know what he is all about. They know he wants the job. He needs to know his future soon. ESPN's John Clayton reported during the weekend that Cable is a candidate for an undisclosed head coaching opening. He wants the Oakland job but, foremost, he wants to be a head coach. The Raiders need to communicate with him.

The same goes with Edwards in Kansas City. It is starting to drag. After all, it's been three weeks since Carl Peterson's departure from the Chiefs was announced. The team has had plenty of time to construct a plan.

It's understandable that the Chiefs want their new boss to have a major role in Edwards' future. It would be strange if that wasn't the case. But Edwards deserves to know his future sooner than later. The odds are the new boss will opt to hire a new coach.

Wouldn't you think the Chiefs would want to make that decision now? There is competition for the best coaching candidates. There are already teams making moves on the top candidates. If Kansas City is going to be in the market for a new coach, it needs to start the process.

Edwards also need to know his future. Edward would likely be a candidate as a defensive coordinator elsewhere if he is not retained. If he is not going to the Chiefs' head coach, he needs to be able to move on.

It's been a long week of nothing on the Cable and Edwards fronts. For their sake, Oakland and Kansas City need to make a decision soon.