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Thursday, December 16, 2010
Sound-off responses

By Bill Williamson

Many Denver Broncos fans are on board with the idea of the team bringing in legendary quarterback John Elway in a front-office role. He is expected to join the team in the next few weeks.

Elway is expected to work with a new general manager and he will be part of key decisions. Yet, Elway isn’t expected to be the main decision maker on personnel moves.

Many Denver fans who responded to our sound-off question this week are excited about the prospect of Elway being a Bronco again. It seems fans think the first 15-year Denver tenure for Elway worked out pretty well, so why not do it again?

I think it will be a decent move as long as Elway isn’t in charge of football decisions. But having him around certainly won’t hurt the team. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Jim from Sioux City, Iowa: I think John Elway's role will be more ceremonial. Elway is still highly respected among Denver's fanbase and he could be a spokesperson whom the fans would likely trust and respect. The way I see it, Denver could be under .500 next year and Elway could say " Things will get better," and the fans will believe him and not call for changes. If used correctly, Elway could be the one to keep the fanbase at bay.

M. Ansell from Denton, Texas.: What alot of people don't know about John Elway is that he is an extremly intelligent individual. The man has been around pro sports his entire life and knows more than just a thing or two about how things should run in a professional sports orginazation. At this point Denver has nothing to lose and everything to gain from Elway's vast experience's in and around the NFL as well as the corparate world.

Mike Jones from Greensboro, NC.: In response to your John Elway Sound-off, i dont think it matters whether or not John Elway will be a ceremonial hire or not. John Elway IS the Denver Broncos. This is a franchise that did not have much of a history before John Elway. Elway accounts for 2 out of 2 super bowl victories, 5 out of 6 conference championships, 7 out of 10 division titles, and 10 out of 17 playoff appearances. He should be allowed to be the head coach, owner, or even the current starting quarterback if he wants to.

Daniel Alers from Costa Rica: I think this move is exactly what Denver needs. Denver need to remember how to win. It has been a long time since the Broncos have experienced a winning record. Also, Denver needs to go back to its old ways, not the new Mcdaniels things. Elway will help the transition more fluently. Another point is the fan support. Hiring Elway would boost the fan support and trust in the Broncos organization.

Stephen from Cookeville, Tenn.: This dreaded rebuild will take as many highly skilled football evaluators as possible. They need major upgrades at a lot of positions and a new passion for this team. Elway doesn't want to be a GM or a number of other positions because of the major lifestyle shift it would take. Having said that, the Broncos need his football mind in some way. Not only will he add a sense of heritage and class, but it will give the fan base a renewed hope.

Jason from Parker, Colo.: Regarding Elway in the front office. I don't see it making a HUGE difference. But this is a man who KNOWS FOOTBALL. He obviously was able (with Bowlen) to put together a championship quality AFL team in the Crush. So, he obviously has the intelligence to help build a team. But I think most people will end up approving the move, mostly based on him being the a part of the last championship team we've had.

Jacob from Minneapolis: Lifelong Broncos fan here. While some might see the hiring of Elway as ceremonial, I certainly don't. Elway is a savvy business man and a great competitor. He loves the Broncos and the city of Denver and I think he'll be a constant reminder, to both the new regime and the front-office, of the winning tradition he established in Denver a long time ago.

Ian from Oklahoma City: Of course having Elway in the front office is a good idea. He is the greatest player in franchise history, a life long Bronco and cares about the success of the franchise. He has insight on what it takes to get it done on the field and by his track record with the arena team he has front office success as well. Elway is a winner and hopefully that will rub off on the rest of the orginazation, lord knows we need it.

Chad Smithers from Memphis: Elway can only help the Broncos. He has been a successful Businessman, run a championship winning AFL team, and has played the game at a high level. He has stated that he does not want to be the GM nor coach. I think with Bowlen wanting to get further away from the day to day aspects of the team, he should sell Elway a 5% stake in the team and let John be the face of the front office and help in the business side and with the recruitment of a good GM and coach.

Adam from Craig, Colo.: I am in full support of adding John Elway permanently to the Denver Broncos front office. However, the franchise would never survive firing John Elway so it absolutely must be in a stable position not immediately or directly related to on field performance. His responsibilities should lie in the long term crafting of the teams business dealings and NOT as a General Manager or coach of any kind.

Patrick from Phoenix: Bill, I am skeptical about Elway joining the team, sure it would make Denver attractive and fans would be excited but if he fails or we still suck are fans going to jump down HIS throat just like the did McDaniels? Fans want the Broncos to win now. If Elway doesn't improve the Broncos the fans and the press will find a way to blame Elway. If he does join the Broncos I hope he knows what he's doing, I don't want to see the Dan Marino fiasco all over again.

Pete from Del Mar, Calif.: I was a fan of McDaniels. I truly think he needed more tme and better coaches around him. We need a Defensive minded coach to fix the real problems. Elway can help by bringing more free agents into the mix and bringing stability to the team. His father Jack had a similar role with the Broncos. It can only help the team.

Aaron Hunnel from Appleton, Wis.: Anwering your question about John Elway.Bill, what have we been without John Elway? I would say pathetic. Yeah we made it all the way to the AFC Championship game in '05, but other than that, in the past decade, we have been a mere average team in the NFL. Elway coming on board puts a "Leader" in a position to make important decisions for the team-- also being very passionate about football and the Denver Broncos is just icing on the cake. I like the move, and if he can do half of what he did as a starting quarterback, we should see improvements.... I mean we are sitting at 3-10, how much worse could we do.