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Friday, June 17, 2011
Report: Bush available; will he head home?

By Bill Williamson

Yahoo Sports reported the New Orleans Saints gave running back Reggie Bush permission to talk to other teams prior to the lockout.

None of the teams listed as potential suitors are from the AFC West. I know there has been some speculation that Bush could resurface in his hometown of San Diego, especially with Darren Sproles likely leaving as a free agent. Still, I’m not sure the Chargers would want to pay Bush a premium deal. If he gave San Diego a hometown discount, perhaps it would be interested. But it looks like he will have other options.

In other AFC West nuggets Friday afternoon:

Kansas City tight end Leonard Pope talked to Michael Irvin on his radio show about his experience saving a 6-year-old from drowning last weekend in his Georgia hometown.

“You don’t get but one life,” Pope told Irvin. “You can lose a championship and you can lose a Super Bowl or whatever, but you have a chance to repeat that the following year. A life, you don’t. You don’t get but one. You don’t get a chance to repeat another life.”

Pope sounds like a man who gets it.

In an interview with a Denver radio station, Broncos’ receiver Brandon Lloyd said he was pleased with his recent workout session with second-season quarterback Tim Tebow in Jacksonville. Lloyd was impressed by Tebow’s progress.

“I thought it was good,” Lloyd said. “It’s better for morale going into the season when you see how good of shape guys are in. It’s kind of like, I want to see where dude’s at with his training and guys want to see where we’re at so we have some confidence going into the season. That’s how I took it. It was good to see that Tim’s improving on his drops, he’s improving on his timing, and within the first day we got into rhythm, within the first 20 minutes of it.”

Former Denver middle linebacker Al Wilson lost a negligence suit he filed against a doctor while playing for the Broncos.

In an piece, Jeffri Chadida looks at Nnamdi Asomugha’s value as a free agent. Here’s a hint: It’s high.