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Monday, September 22, 2008
Quote sheet: Broncos' Shanahan

By Bill Williamson

Posted by's Bill Williamson

Courtesy of the Broncos, here is sampling from Mike Shanahan's press conference today. Its worth checking out, especially the passage where he says he wouldn't trade Brandon Marshall for any other receiver in the league.

On a Jay Cutler throw that split four defenders during the Saints game
"That kind of surprised me to be honest with you. That was a great catch and great concentration. (Saints DB Mike) McKenzie had him covered. His hand was right in there, but somehow he got it in there. He was looking to the left because that is where his primary receiver was, but he was covered so he came back to the other side. It was on a third down and he fortunately made a play for us."

On the defensive scheme using four linebackers on the field against the Saints
"Just a little different look and a little different scheme. It was a change-up for us, and we have different game plans each week and we will throw in a little wrinkle here and there. We are not necessarily a straight 3-4 defense even though it appears to be. Everybody does things differently in passing situations and it was something that worked on this week that I thought looked pretty good."

On the running backs getting fewer carries this season
"I am not sure that they are used to getting a lot of carries to start with. We have Selvin (Young), Andre (Hall) and Michael Pittman and they all have a role. We are trying to keep these guys fresh. I believe in all of the running backs that we have. We are going with a five-play rotation with Selvin and Andre and they are doing a good job with yards per carry. Michael is kind of our workhorse, helping us in short yardage goal line and helping us in certain packages. He is doing an excellent job. I like the rotation that we have."

On LB D.J. Williams' tackle for a loss on a third-and-1 late in the game
"We were in a very short yardage goal line situation, so we had everybody up there expecting some type of power play or a dive over the top. D.J. was shading the back side and with his speed and quickness he was able to make the tackle backside. He did a great job. Weak side is his natural position, he played it through college and when you go to MIKE linebacker and you have never played it in your career, it does take some time to get used to. D.J. is such a great athlete who made a lot of great plays. The linebackers played well but like I said, we have to straighten some things up in our pass defense but we can get better at that in a short time. The thing you can't get better at is stopping the run and hopefully we can keep our guys playing at that level and help them improve and keep the effort that we had in that game."

On where he thinks WR Brandon Marshall ranks with other NFL wide receivers
"I am not on every team. I think you get a good feel for your own football team and that's it. I do know one thing, I wouldn't trade him for anybody in the league. I think he just started. I think you are going to see him break a lot more as time goes on. I don't think he has even scratched the surface with his big plays and I think you started to see that Sunday. I think as he gets more confidence, he is just going to get better and better lowering his head and lowering his shoulder to run over those defensive backs. He is a guy that is 6'5, 230 lbs. who knocked out two defensive ends and a safety last year in three consecutive games. He is a very physical guy and once he learns to turn up consistently like he did Sunday, he is going to make more plays. He is a talented guy that is for sure. He makes big time catches and Jay (Cutler) makes some big time throws."

On the young players
"You just don't know (what you have) until you get into your OTAs, but I've been impressed with our young guys. I think it really showed up on special teams this week with the effort that we had with young guys coming through. You get guys like (FB Spencer) Larsen. The guy is just bowling people up and down the field. I don't know if you saw the first kickoff coverage, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone get hit as hard as Spencer Larsen delivered on one of those backs on the kickoff return. It was as hard of a hit as I have seen. It looked like he decapitated his head-he just pushed him right back.

On postseason odds after starting 3-0
"I know it's better than 2-0. I can't tell you those percentages, but it's sure nice to be 3-0. I think our guys are realistic: We have a ways to go. We've had a good start, we've made some strides, but we're from where we want to be. "

On LB Boss Bailey covering tight ends
"He's good. It all depends on which coverages you're in. You can't always isolate a tight end unless you're in man coverage all the time. We have some great tight ends in the league. Obviously (Kansas City TE Tony) Gonzalez is as good as it gets."

On DT DeWayne Robertson
"That big fourth-and-one he got some penetration on the right side and (LB) Nate (Webster) made a great stop. Everybody has a gap on the goal line and there has to be penetration in that situation to top them. Your defensive front has to play extremely well. Dewayne got almost into the backfield and Nate just met (the running back) right at the line of scrimmage."