Pat Bowlen barely misses top-10 cut

No AFC West owner was represented in our Power Rankings series, which continued Tuesday.

The division almost was represented, though. Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen finished 11th after receiving two votes -- a sixth-place vote from James Walker and a ninth-place vote from John Clayton. A total of 14 owners received votes with no other AFC West owner getting a nod.

I did not vote for Bowlen. I seriously considered both Bowlen and Kansas City Chiefs' owner Clark Hunt. I could see both owners breaking into the top-10 soon if their franchises do well.

Had this vote taken a place a few of years ago, I would have likely put Bowlen in the top three. He was long been known as one of the better owners in the NFL. The Broncos fell on bad times since Bowlen fired Mike Shanahan and hired Josh McDaniels. Bowlen could rebound with the hiring of John Elway and John Fox. Denver looks like it is back on the right track under Bowlen, but we will have to see.

I like what Hunt has done, and he is an up-and-comer, but there are a lot of strong ownerships in the NFL. I think his time is still to come.