AFC West: Bruce Alen

Brandon MarshallJoe Robbins/Getty ImagesWhere veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall plays in 2010 remains up in the air.
The Brandon Marshall watch is one of the longest and most intriguing storylines in the NFL this offseason.

The story started off hot with a Marshall visit to Seattle on the second day of free agency, but it has been in a holding pattern in the month-plus since.

Marshall, who recently turned 26, is one of the NFL's best wide receivers. Yet, because of several issues, it appears Marshall and the Denver Broncos have reached the end of their relationship.

Marshall is a restricted free agent who was given a first-round tender. The date for signing restricted free agents to an offer sheet is Thursday. So far, Seattle has been the only team to show real interest. There have been rumors and speculation of other teams being interested, but nothing concrete has materialized.

Denver has made it known it wants a first-round pick for Marshall. But if he isn’t signed to an offer sheet, the Broncos may have a difficult time getting their asking price. Denver may have to end up settling for another package, perhaps of existing players, a package of later picks or future picks. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this saga doesn’t conclude until the draft, which begins April 22. Currently, the most likely scenario for this coming to an end is during the second round on April 23. Here's a look at possibilities for Marshall:

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