AFC West mailbag

Midweek mail call:

John Fanghella from Houston wants to know if I think the Chargers could draft Oregon linebacker Casey Matthews.

Bill Williamson: I think he is a player the Chargers will look at. San Diego has two second-round picks and I think Matthews will be considered in that range. The Chargers will likely pick up two inside linebackers this offseason and could draft one early. Inside linebackers Stephen Cooper, Kevin Burnett and Brandon Siler are free agents. I could see two of them leaving. Matthews is a type of guy who looks like he could be a fit in San Diego and who would interest Chargers’ general manager A.J. Smith.

Ian John from Pueblo, Colo., wants to know if Denver would have too many pass-rushers if it ended up with Da’Quan Bowers, Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers.

BW: Hi, Ian. You can never have enough pass-rushers. They are at a premium. You truly can’t have enough. A strong pass-rushing defense is a good defense. Also, there are questions in Denver. Will Dumervil regain his same pass-rushing groove after missing last season with a pectoral tear and moving to a 4-3 defense? Will Ayers ever reach his potential? I think Denver is considering Bowers because it feels like it is not settled at the position.

Brandon from Kansas wants to know I think the Chiefs could make a play for Mike Sims-Walker in free agency.

BW: I think the Chiefs have to be put on the list of the teams that would look at the Jacksonville free agent. I could see Oakland and San Diego on that list as well. As far as Kansas City goes, I think he’d be a nice complement to No. 1 receiver Dwayne Bowe. He’d stretch the field and be a nice No. 2 option to Matt Cassel. This should be a strong receiver free-agent class and Sims-Walker could be relatively reasonably priced and attractive to Kansas City.