AFC West: Chad Ocho Cinco

I was hesitant to address this because player Twitter chatter doesn’t catch my attention much, especially when it comes to affairs of their team. But I was asked about the Dwayne Bowe-Miami flirtation enough Monday that I decided to address it.

Players may have opinions. They have preferences. But they have no power when it comes to the shaping of rosters.

Vontae Davis and Chad Ochocinco may want Bowe to join them in Miami. Bowe may even want to go, as Davis suggested in a one of the tweets, but it doesn’t mean anything.

Bowe will be a Dolphin if the Chiefs want him to be one and I don’t see that happening this year.

Perhaps if Bowe, who has not signed his franchise tag, will one day sign with the Dolphins as a free agent. But it is out of his control for now. Also remember, let’s not get on Bowe for wanting to go to Miami. Until he says he does, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s just chalk this up to bored players having a little Twitter fun. It will remain a non-story until the Chiefs decide they want to make it one.

Posted by's Bill Williamson

My reaction to the Twitter spat between San Diego linebacker Shawne Merriman and Cincinnati receiver Chad Ochocinco?

Have fun, guys.

Really, are you surprised? Merriman and Ochocinco understand the entertainment aspect of their profession as well as anyone in the league. When the Twitter rage hit full throttle, it was no surprise that these two showmen jumped at the chance to interact with people.

This collision was only a matter of time.

I bet both players are laughing about it and enjoying every bit of the attention. Good for them. If this gives them something to do to take their minds off a late June workout, go for it, guys.

And yes, the Chargers and Bengals will meet on the field Dec. 20 in San Diego. I bet there is some more tweeting between Merriman and Ochocinco to come before that late-season matchup.

Sound-off: Brandon Marshall

June, 23, 2009

Posted by's Bill Williamson

With the Brandon Marshall saga likely far from a resolution, my question to you this week is how do you see the Marshall saga resolving in Denver?

Do you think Denver will grant the Pro Bowl receiver's request to be traded? Or do you think he will end up like other unhappy receivers such as Anquan Boldin and Chad Ochocinco?

I'm not looking for what you want to happen. I want to know what you think will happen.

Hit my mailbag with your thoughts. I will post some of your responses later in the week.

Posted by's Bill Williamson

As long as the Broncos continue not to want to trade Brandon Marshall, the disgruntled receiver will not go anywhere. Remember, Anquan Boldin and Chad Ocho Cinco have requested trades in the past and they have still playing with the teams they wanted to leave.

But there are several teams that could use a receiver. So, if a team unexpectedly offers Denver a huge package, Marshall could get his wish and be traded.

Here are some potential suitors:

Baltimore: It's been reported that Marshall is on the Ravens' radar. He'd be a nice fit there and he could make the Ravens a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Chicago: Marshall has been connected to the Bears because Denver just traded his buddy and former quarterback, Jay Cutler, there. And the Bears need a big receiver. But how would Chicago get this deal done? Denver already owns the Bears' top pick next year as part of the Cutler trade.

Cleveland: There have been rumblings around the league about this one, but it could be a long shot.

Minnesota: The Vikings made a big run at T.J. Houshmandzadeh, so maybe Marshall would intrigue them, especially if Brett Favre comes on board. Yet, the team drafted Percy Harvin in the first round, so Marshall may not be a necessity.

New York Giants: The Giants have been connected to several veteran receivers since the Plaxico Burress fiasco. Why not Marshall?

New York Jets: The Jets could be a major player because they need a top receiver to help ignite the Mark Sanchez era.

Philadelphia: Marshall has been compared to Terrell Owens on the field - not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing in the mind of the Eagles.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay needs a receiver and could see value in bringing the Central Florida product to town.

Washington: The Redskins always have to be considered when it comes to making a big splash. They always seem to consider everything.

Posted by's Bill Williamson

The Jay Cutler trade saga may be over, but there are still some key players in the AFC West that could conceivably be traded in 2009.

Let's take a look at some players who have been mentioned in trade talk:

Tony Gonzalez, tight end, Kansas City: Gonzalez has been talked about in trades since last October. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said last month that the team didn't want to trade Gonzalez. But Gonzalez countered by saying he is "neutral" to the idea. Gonzalez will likely stay in Kansa City but it wouldn't be a surprise if teams pursue him.

Larry Johnson, running back, Kansas City: Johnson could be released or traded. He previously asked for a trade but his agent said last week that Johnson is open to returning to the team.

Michael Bush, running back, Oakland: I'd be surprised if he was dealt but Oakland has three solid running backs in Bush, Justin Fargas and Darren McFadden. Fargas may be difficult to trade because of his contract. There is no way Oakland is going to deal McFadden, the No. 4 overall pick in 2008. Bush could fetch a decent return in a trade and Oakland would be just fine with a Fargas-McFadden combination. Bush's name has been mentioned in trade talk, but moving him would be risky.

Tony Scheffler, tight end, Denver: Scheffler has reportedly been on the trading block because new Denver coach Josh McDaniels uses a system in which only one tight end is used. The Broncos starter is Daniel Graham. Scheffler, meanwhile, is close friends with Cutler. The former training camp roommates could both be former Broncos if the price is right. Scheffler is a solid field stretcher who could attract interest around the league.

Brian Waters, guard, Kansas City: Waters reportedly asked for a trade earlier this offseason. The Chiefs have said Waters is a under contract and will stay with the Chiefs. Still, if a team -- Buffalo perhaps -- offers a mid-round draft pick, the aging Pro Bowl player could be on the move.

Here are some players who could be dealt around the league and might be attractive to teams in the AFC West:

Anquan Boldin, wide receiver, Arizona: Boldin could be on the move and Oakland needs a receiver. It would take, at least, the No. 7 pick, but Raiders' owner Al Davis loves stars and he loves to make a splash. It could be a fit.

Chad Ocho Cinco, receiver, Cincinnati: The same goes for the Bengals standout who may be finally wearing out his welcome in Cincinnati. Ocho Cinco may be declining some but he could be a solid fit in Oakland. He'd likely cost less than Boldin in a trade.

Brady Quinn, quarterback, Cleveland: The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Quinn could still end up in Denver. If he did, it would be understandable. He fits McDaniels' system and the Broncos are not set at quarterback after the Cutler trade.