Chargers, LT working until the end

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

It appears we may learn the fate of star running back LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego shortly.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that the talks between Tomlinson and the team are in the final stages concerning a restructured deal that will keep the longtime star in San Diego. If Tomlinson and the team can't figure out a way to restructure down from his nearly $7 million salary due this season, Tomlinson will likely be cut and end up elsewhere. There is also a chance Tomlinson could be traded.

Still, Mortensen reports that the Chargers and Tomlinson are still trying. Mortensen said that the latest offer isn't a take-it-or-leave from San Diego and that the two sides are trying to come up with ways of giving Tomlinson a solid deal.

This is another indication that the two sides want to make it work. No one in this situation wants Tomlinson to leave. That's one of the reasons why this tough negotiation has taken so long. The two sides are doing everything they can to make sure they've exhausted every avenue before parting ways, if that is the case.

While there is no hard deadline, both sides want a resolution. If he is cut, Tomlinson will need to find a new job (New Orleans seems to be a strong possibility) and the Chargers will have to begin plans to replace him.

Meanwhile, in Mike Sando's NFC West blog, Scouts Inc. scout Matt Williamson suggests that Tomlinson is near the end. Tomlinson, who will be 30 in June, had his least productive season in 2008 and he has been bothered by injuries in the past two postseasons.