AFC West mailbag

ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

David from Washington D.C.: Hey Bill, I'm a K.C. fan and native currently living in the nation's capitol. For the last several years Condi Rice has made it known that her dream job is AD at a major University or GM of an NFL franchise. Any behind the scenes rumblings that Rice might be in the running to fill King Carl's slot? The timing couldn't be better and my understanding has always been that the Bush and Hunt families had more than a cursory friendship. Seriously, could you imagine sitting across the negotiation table from a woman that stared down dictators over WMD? I'm not sure even Big Tuna or Al Davis would want to mess with that one...

BW: Perhaps. There have been reports this season that San Francisco could have an interest in Rice. But if she did end up in Kansas City, it would likely be as part of a package. The Chiefs have an opening for a football decision-maker. Because Rice is not experienced in that realm, it is highly unlikely any team would make her the top football decision-maker. She could come in in a business role or in a leadership role. If that happens, it certainly would be a lot of fun and historic watching the Chiefs build.

Billy from Okinawa, Japan: Hypothetical question. If the Chiefs are able to hire Scott Pioli, what would the chances be that he brings Matt Cassell in?

BW: I had fun with a blog post earlier this week in which I suggested the Chiefs hire Pioli and then he'd hire Patriots' offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Perhaps the two would sign Matt Cassel. Could it happen? I know this: Pioli will be considered in Kansas City and he should. He's the real deal.

Jason from Dublin: With Denver likely making a move on Haynesworth and Asomugha unhappy with Raider management, what are the chances of Denver getting both players in the offseason?

BW: Jason, I don't think any team would get both of these players. Both Haynesworth and Asomugha are once-a-decade acquisitions for an organization. It would be way too pricey. Plus, it's likely the only way Asomugha would be with another team in 2009 is if Oakland traded him. And it's unlikely the Raiders would ship him to their rival. However, the idea of seeing Haynesworth in Denver is much more realistic.

Terrell: In the offseason do you think the Arizona Cardinals release Edgerrin James and if so will the Broncos pursue him?

BW: Maybe. I think Denver would have been more apt to pursue Edgerrin James had he gotten his wish and been released earlier in the season by Arizona. During the offseason, Denver may look at other available veterans and, of course, it will look at rookie tailbacks again.

Matt from Santa Rosa, CA: So what are the chances exactly that the raiders will attempt a Chad Johnson trade?

BW: I don't know if you can put a percentage on it. But here are the reasons why Oakland will likely look at the idea: He will be available, the Raiders need a receiver and Al Davis loves playmakers. Johnson is a playmaker. It is definitely a fit Oakland could consider.