Jackson would love to stay in San Diego

Perhaps Vincent Jackson’s spectacular show Thursday night was not his final act in San Diego. He had three touchdown catches and 112 yards receiving in the Chargers’ 34-7 win over San Francisco.

His camp expressed optimism that Jackson could remain with the Chargers. Jackson, who staged a contract holdout for much of this season, is set to be a free agent and was expected to leave the team at the end of the season. He reported to the team in October to accrue a year toward free agency.

But Jonathan Feinsod, one of his agents, said Friday that Jackson would be open to staying in San Diego for the long term.

“Vincent would love to be back in San Diego,” Feinsod said. “If everything falls into place correctly he’d love to remain in San Diego. It’s never been personal. He loves it in San Diego.”

Of course, that means Jackson’s future in San Diego will come down to whether the team gives him his long—wanted mega contract extension. The Chargers had been reluctant to do so and that’s why Jackson held out. Now that he is going to be a free agent, some team will be more than willing to give the Pro Bowl player a contract.

Feinsod made it known, even after his ugly holdout, that Jackson has no hard feelings and he would like to stay in San Diego with a new deal.

It all depends on what the Chargers want to do. There has been reports that the team doesn’t have interest in signing him long-term. There is also a chance San Diego can give Jackson the franchise tag, virtually ensuring he stays with the team in 2011. A lot can happen, but it is clear Jackson hasn’t taken the Chargers off his list of possible destinations.