Lloyd: Loss was 'a high school game'

Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd said what we were all thinking.

In a radio interview, Lloyd, who is No. 2 in the NFL in receiving yardage, likened the Broncos’ performance in a 59-14 home loss to Oakland on Sunday to a high school game.

“There’s really no excuse for getting blown up on like that. That’s a high school game,” Lloyd said. That’s not a professional football game and it’s embarrassing. It’s just not right and there’s nothing really much we can do about that today but learn from it. Maybe there’s something during the week that we did wrong as players and coaches and try to correct that moving forward.”

Lloyd was also complimentary of the Raiders, calling them a playoff team.

“You look at our division and you can’t look at the Raiders anymore and say ‘Oh, these guys have great talent and the best athletes in the world and they’re not good.’ We can’t say that because our division is so wide open because every team has an opportunity,” Lloyd said. "That makes the Raiders even more dangerous because not only do they have the best athletes in the NFL, but they have confidence and motivation. Now look at them: They’re a playoff team.”

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