Chat wrap: Bob Sanders flies under radar

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Scott from Northglenn, CO.: Seen reports that McGahee is way ahead of Moreno. Could he be the starter, and Moreno the 3rd down back?

BW: They brought him as a complementary guy, but if McGahee gets it done more that Moreno, I can see roles switching. The word is McGahee has looked good.

Kansas City

DeShawn from N.C.: Do you think the Chiefs have a shot at winning the division?

BW: Why not? They did last year before we knew they were any good. Now we know they are good and they got better. Sure, they have a chance.


Donnie from Daytona Beach: Hey Bill, I was wondering if the Raiders were after any vet WR and if there is any update about Lofa or Hayden? Or if they are after someone else.

BW: It was reported last week that Oakland was considering both Tatupa and Hayden. They are both coming off injuries and teams seem to be weary of signing them at this point.

ESPN’s John Clayton tweets that the Raiders are still talking to Tatupa, although no deal is imminent. I’d guess the Raiders want to see their linebackers play against Arizona on Thursday night before they decide to pursue a veteran at the spot.

San Diego

Chris from Santa Barbara: In baseball, the big preseason move was A. Gonzales and the best under the radar move was Russell Martin. In Football this year I say Haynesworth is the big move and Bob Sanders will be the under-rated move. What do you think of that comparison?

BW: I love baseball, so kudos for the comparison. I think Asomugha was the A. Gonzalez move. But I like the Sanders call. The Chargers are fired up about this guy. He didn't look rusty to me. If he stays healthy, he's a boon addition.