AFC West: Mana Silva

Raiders mock draft

April, 28, 2011
This is the fourth in a division mock draft series running Thursday:

This draft addresses many of the Raiders’ biggest needs on the offensive line and in the secondary. There are some classic, Raider-like talent in this group: players who are fast and strong. Johnson is a big arm who needs to develop. Oakland owner Al Davis and coach Hue Jackson could be intrigued by a player like Johnson.

Tim Tebow praises the boss

April, 22, 2011
In an expansive radio interview, second-year Denver quarterback Tim Tebow talked about building a relationship with new Denver football leader and legendary quarterback John Elway.

“It’s been a great relationship for me," Tebow said. "I got to spend a lot of time with him since I got drafted before he was officially a part of the club. He’s just been great. Before my first start against Oakland, he had me over for dinner that Tuesday night and we just talked and hung out and he just gave me advice. He does great things like that. He just loves being involved and talking and giving advice, and sometimes it’s just a little thing here, or a little thing here, just simple things and you’re like ‘ah, I’m going to listen, it’s John Elway.’ It’s amazing, especially as a young guy getting to learn from a guy like that.”

We’ll see during the draft if Elway feels as highly about Tebow as Tebow feels about Elway.

Meanwhile, Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. breaks down Oakland quarterback Jason Campbell. Williamson said he is a fan, but he has his doubts that Campbell can be a difference maker for Oakland. Thursday, Oakland coach Hue Jackson made it clear he is a believer in Campbell.

An Next Level piece lauds the Chiefs’ safe pick of safety Eric Berry at No. 5 last year. Berry paid instant dividends. He was a big part of the team’s surprise AFC West championship and ended his season at the Pro Bowl.

Scouts Inc. looks at the risers and fallers of the draft.

Oakland reportedly visited with Hawaii safety Mana Silva.

The San Diego Union Tribune looks at pass-rushers the Chargers could draft.

San Diego and Oakland are among the few teams not to draft an offensive lineman in the first round since 2005. The Chargers could potentially take a tackle at No. 18. Oakland doesn’t have a first-round pick.