Chat wrap: Could Zach Miller leave?

We held our AFC West chat earlier Thursday. Here are some highlights:


Lynn from Denver: You said the Broncos expect Moore and Carter to start...does that mean Brian Dawkins is a backup this year? If that’s the case I hope this (Nate) Irving kid has a little Al Wilson swagger as a leader.

Bill Williamson: If the Broncos bring back Dawkins, and that's the plan, I'm sure they will have a role for him, but they want to get younger. I haven't seen Irving play like. But I'll tell you this. He'd have to have a lot of swagger to have Al Wilson swagger. Wilson was great in his prime.

Kansas City

David H. from Nashville: Bill...love your blog. I believe the key to success starts at QB. Do you think Matt Cassel is good enough to lead the Chiefs to the next level? The way the season ended last year really concerns me.

BW: I think he needs to get better, but I think he is capable of it. He is a hard worker who is smart and who desires to do well. I love the weapons around him.


Matt from Santa Barbara: What are the odds Zach Miller leaves Oakland?

BW: It all depends on how the new CBA reads. But I'd be shocked if Miller ever plays an NFL down outside a Raiders' uniform. He's just a Raider to me.

San Diego

Nathan from DC: Will the Chargers defense change much? Do you expect much of a drop-off? The Bears sure seemed to miss Rivera when he left.

BW: New DC Greg Manusky is a former San Diego coach and he knows the players and the system. I think they'll be fine, especially with a playmaker like Corey Liuget joining the mix.

Thanks to everyone who participated.