AFC West: Mike Shanahann

Posted by's Bill Williamson

Courtesy of Denver's PR staff, here are samples of coach Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler's news conferences today in preparation for Sunday's game against Jacksonville:


On varying between offensive game plans

"It all depends on what they are doing defensively. You have to make the right decisions. Professional football teams are very smart. There are a number of different things you can do to make an offense move methodically down the field if you have the patience. If you don't have the patience, they make mistakes. It's not a conservative game plan as much as it is 'What are they doing defensively?' The [quarterback] has to have the discipline to take advantage of what the defenses are giving him instead of forcing the ball downfield."

On playing well at home

We have always been good at home. We have a great crowd that helps us with crowd noise. It was very indicative versus Tampa Bay. That was a big plus with a couple of check-offs that they couldn't make. We got a couple of big plays with our crowd. Hopefully our crowd is into it just like they were against Tampa Bay, and we can take advantage of the home-field advantage."

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