AFC West: Oshiomogho Atogwe

Evening AFC West notes

February, 18, 2011
PM ET is reporting that the Carolina Panthers will likely not give the franchise tag to running back DeAngelo Williams. If he is free to sign elsewhere, the Denver Broncos could be a potential landing spot. Former Panthers coach John Fox is now in Denver and he is a big fan of Williams. Fox believes in running the ball first and I could see him being interested in pairing Williams with Knowshon Moreno.

Any AFC West team interested in acquiring a safety now has plenty of options. The Colts’ Bob Sanders, the Texans’ Eugene Wilson and the Rams’ Oshiomogho Atogwe were all cut. The safeties position in the AFC West could be a fluid situation because of free agency, so I could see these players garnering interest in the division. Wilson played for Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli in New England.

Here is a look at the Chiefs’ draft-pick situation.

AFC West mailbag

May, 16, 2010
Weekend mail call:

Tyler from Hamilton, Ontario wants to know if St. Louis restricted free agent Oshiomogho Atogwe becomes available, could he end up in the AFC West.

Bill Williamson: San Diego, Kansas City and Oakland could all use the help at safety. Perhaps not to the extent of giving this player big dollars. If Atogwe does leave St. Louis, I think there may be several aggressive pursuers outside of the AFC West. In the end, I’d be surprised if Atogwe played in the AFC West this year.

Nick J. from Chico, Calif. wants to know why Josh McDaniels is considered such a good quarterback coach.

BW: Nick (great town, by the way), it sounds like you are not much of a believer in McDaniels’ skills as a quarterback coach. Sure, Tom Brady was established when McDaniels got him in New England, but he made strides with McDaniels as his coach. McDaniels deserves much credit for instantly making Matt Cassel an effective NFL quarterback when Brady was hurt in 2008. Plus, Kyle Orton had a nice season under McDaniels last year. You can question McDaniels for his personnel decision and whether he is ready to lead an entire team, but questioning his ability to coach quarterbacks is a losing proposition. The guy knows his way around a quarterback meeting room.

Ryan from Fort Collins, Colo. wants to know if there is any chance Orton is not on the Broncos’ roster at the start of this season.

BW: I don’t think so. I know there was a push by some Denver media members for the Broncos to move on from Orton. But I don’t see it happening. He has one season remaining on his contract. With Tim Tebow learning the system in Denver and Brady Quinn trying to salvage his career, the time is not right for Orton to be cut loose. The Broncos will need him in 2010 (at least to start the season). There is no need to deal him now.
Denver legendary former quarterback John Elway supports the Tim Tebow pick in Denver.

He said believes Tebow will succeed as a NFL quarterback and he calls him a winner. Does this guarantee Tebow will work out in Denver? Of course not. But it’s always nice to have the backing of the most influential player in the history of the franchise.’s rumor page Insider wonders if safety Oshiomogho Atogwe could end up in Oakland.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter doesn’t believe there is any way Denver would trade quarterback Brady Quinn despite the drafting Tebow, who Denver expects to be the starting quarterback at some point in the not-so-distant future.

The Kansas City Star doesn’t think Kansas City added enough on defense. I agree. I’d like to see more action, especially at nose tackle and at linebacker.

Former Chiefs’ great Will Shields is not miffed that someone else is wearing No. 68 (for now) in Kansas City.

The Chiefs signed former Notre Dame receiver David Grimes. He played for new Kansas City offensive coordinator Charlie Weis in college. Grimes is 5-foot-9, 183 and he also has some return experience. He was signed by Denver last year.