AFC West: Patrick Carter

A warning to Kansas City Chiefs fans: This going to go drive you nuts.

So take a deep breath.

The Chiefs updated their depth chart and Thomas Jones remains the starting running back ahead of Jamaal Charles. That has been the case all summer and many Chiefs fans have been up in arms about it.

My advice remains the same: Don’t worry about it. Charles will get carries and I fully expect him to get more carries than Jones. The Chiefs, like most teams, don’t put too much into depth charts this time of year.

I think Jones is simply getting the veteran treatment and Charles is being kept hungry. In the end, there is no way Charles will be buried on the depth chart. He’s too good. He’s been terrific in the preseason, while Jones has scuffled some.

So, once the season starts, the hot hand will get the call much of the time. I expect that to be Charles.
  • The San Diego Union Tribune has an explanation of Vincent Jackson’s situation as it pertains to his status as a holdout and his three-game suspension. This means that teams willing to trade for Jackson may be motivated to do so prior to the Sept. 4 53-man deadline date.
Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said the team has no timetable for the recovery of Elvis Dumervil. He suffered a torn pectoral muscle in practice Wednesday night.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Dumervil will be out four months. Thus, there is a chance Denver could still use him this season.

Still, McDaniels acknowledged there is a chance Dumervil could need surgery. I was in contact with ESPN medical analyst Stephania Bell. She indicated surgery would very likely mean Dumervil would be out for the season. Bell indicated that is a tough injury to come back from quickly.

“Given the incredible demands on the muscle for anyone playing a defensive position who has to tackle with an outstretched arm, it makes it even more important that he is fully healed and at absolute full strength before returning, or else he will easily re-injure it. … which means, you guessed it, less likelihood in my eyes that he’s able to return,” Bell wrote in an email Thursday.

Football Outsidersl looked at the history of the injury and concluded that there is little chance Dumervil will come back this season.

Denver did shelve two players for the season Thursday night. It put receiver Kenny McKinley and safety Josh Barrett on the injured reserve. Both players were key special teams players and McKinley had a chance to be in the receiving rotation. Denver signed receiver Patrick Carter and Britt Davis. Both have an uphill battle to make the 53-man roster.

In other AFC West news, San Diego claimed linebacker Ali Highsmith off waivers from Arizona. He gives the team camp depth in light of the season-ending injury to rookie linebacker Donald Butler.