AFC West: Paul Kuharsky

Week 3: AFC West power rankings

September, 22, 2009

Posted by’s Bill Williamson

We have streamlined the voting process. I no longer have a vote. AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky is the AFC representative.

I still have an opinion though, so here goes:

San Diego

Power ranking: 11th

My ranking range: 6-8.

Why: The Chargers should have beaten Baltimore, the No. 1 ranked team, Sunday. San Diego is ravaged by injuries and still played well. This is a top-10 team.


Power ranking: 20th

My ranking range: 16-18

Why: I think Denver is being under ranked. I’m not ready to say this is going to be surprise team, but the Broncos are 2-0 and are better than No. 20.


Power ranking: 26th

My ranking range: 21-23

Why: The under ranking is continuing. The Raiders are closer to the middle than the bottom of the league.

Kansas City

Power ranking: 30th

My ranking range: 28-31

Why: Finally, I agree. The Chiefs have some life. But they just can’t win. So they are at the bottom of the league for now.

Meanwhile, Kuharsky has a post explaining his San Diego and Kansas City decisions.

Posted by's Bill Williamson

Unlike AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky, I will not poke fun at AFC East blogger Tim Graham's choice of recreation. Just keep it safe, Tim.

But like Kuharsky, I do see some value in addressing Madden 10's player rankings. While it is not gospel, these rankings are a decent barometer of how a player is regarded. Some players who play (and some who used to play) in the AFC West, made the top 10 lists. Here's a look:

Quarterback: 7. Philip Rivers.

Running back: 3. LaDainian Tomlinson

Wide receiver: T-8. Brandon Marshall

Tight end: 3. Antonio Gates; T-9. Zach Miller

Defense: T-1. Nnamdi Asomugha.

Good for Asomugha. He was tied for first with superstars Albert Haynesworth, Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu. Oakland's shut-down cornerback is starting to get some much-earned credit.

It was also striking that several former AFC West players made the list, including Michael Turner, Tony Gonzalez, Jay Cutler and Jared Allen. This division sure could use the lost star power.