AFC West: Russel Okung

AFC West mailbag

April, 14, 2010
Mid-week mailbag:

Ryan Petrusha from Willowbrook, Ill., wants to know if somehow Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy fell to No. 5 and tackle Russell Okung and safety Eric Berry were off the board, should the Chiefs take him.

Bill Williamson: Good question, Ryan. I think if this scenario unfolds, the Chiefs would probably trade down. There would likely be a ton of interest in McCoy if he started to tumble down the draft board. He isn’t a perfect fit for the 3-4 defense. I think the Chiefs would be better off with taking advantage of his fall down the board and get some extra picks out of the deal rather than trying to fit McCoy into the defense or reaching for another player.

Daniel from Sonora, Calif., wants to know what I think is a better combination for Oakland in the draft: taking a quarterback first and then a tackle or vice versa.

BW: I think Oakland needs to find their next left tackle first and foremost. That has to be the priority. There are plenty of options in the first round at tackle and the Raiders have to stop ignoring this area and find their offensive line anchor. Quarterback is also a need, but I think the Raiders can identify a prospect in the mid rounds to develop. It would hurt Oakland, at least in the short term, if it took a quarterback before a left tackle.

Garth Wilson from Worton, Md., wants to know if I think Albert Haynesworth is a good fit for San Diego.

BW: I don’t see this being a great fit. One of the reasons why there is talk that Haynesworth could leave Washington after one season is that the Redskins are going to use the 3-4 defense. The Chargers are a 3-4 defense. So, I don’t see San Diego going to Haynesworth to fill their defensive line needs.

AFC West mailbag

January, 27, 2010
Kevin James from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, wants to know if the Raiders will consider Florida quarterback Tim Tebow in the first round of the draft.

Bill Williamson: Kevin, I know part of your reasoning is because he worked with longtime NFL assistant Marc Trestman, who now coaches in the CFL. The former Oakland offensive coordinator had been mentioned as a possible Oakland head-coaching candidate. So, if Trestman were to surface in Oakland in some role, it’s a possibility. But I think, ultimately, the No. 8 pick is too high to take Tebow. If he were available in the second round, perhaps Oakland would consider him.

Tony from Orange County, Calif., wants to know if Jets running back Thomas Jones could end up in San Diego.

BW: I know that has been rumored. Jones is due a big chunk of cash in New York. With the emergence of Shonn Greene, it wouldn’t be a shock if Jones were cut loose. If he does become free, I think San Diego would consider him. But the Chargers really don’t add too many big-ticket veterans. San Diego may consider the draft its first option as it looks to find a new primary back as the LaDainian Tomlinson era will likely end. But if Jones becomes free and San Diego wants a veteran, it could be a good pairing. The bruising Jones would likely solve the team’s running woes.

Damian from Kansas City wants to know what kind of impact a top offensive line prospect could have on the Chiefs in 2010.

BW: I think the offensive line is Kansas City’s greatest need. Matt Cassel was sacked 42 times in 2009. Yes, Cassel -- who was sacked 47 times in New England in 2008 -- is a statue, but he needs help. I think a top-flight offensive lineman would be a great start for Kansas City and it would help standout running back Jamaal Charles’ development. If Kansas City takes someone such as Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung with the No. 5 pick, I think its offensive will be on the right track in 2010.