AFC West: Trent Green

It looks like Oakland receiver Chaz Schilens will be out until training camp. He is healing from a second foot surgery that he needed this offseason after missing several games with a broken foot last year.

Schilens is regarded as Oakland’s best receiver. This is not a devastating blow as long as Schilens is healthy and ready to go for training camp.

Washington coach Mike Shanahan said he expects to find out about Brian Westbrook’s future soon. The veteran running back has visited both the Redskins and the Broncos recently.

Miami can’t be thrilled that the expensive Brandon Marshall era is starting this way. Marshall, 26, was often banged up in Denver and his physical play has obviously worn on him.

Oakland coach Tim Cable seems less sure of a long-term deal for defensive end Richard Seymour than he did at the team’s minicamp a few weeks ago. I'd still expect Seymour to eventually sign with the Raiders, but he has not participated in the team’s offseason sessions.

Denver safety Brian Dawkins is trying to forget the Broncos’ end-of-season collapse.

Guard/center Cory Procter has followed up a visit to Denver with trips to New England and to Miami. Dallas cut him earlier this week. Procter would help Denver’s interior line.

Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe dropped some passes in the Chiefs’ OTA on Wednesday. He has had hands issues in the past.

Former Chiefs quarterback Trent Green will be part of the Chiefs’ preseason broadcast team.

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Denver Broncos

  • Former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan has been enjoying his time off, but he's also been studying X's and O's
  • The Broncos have quietly assembled what could be one of the league's best secondaries.
  • Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Brandon Marshall has spent much of the offseason trying to improve his speed, with an eye toward a big payday down the road.
  •'s Solomon Wilcots says Josh McDaniels would be better off trading Marshall for picks who could be molded by the new regime.
Kansas City Chiefs
  • Is Matt Cassel the franchise quarterback the Chiefs have been searching for since the days of Len Dawson? 
  • Former Chiefs quarterback Trent Green has been hired as an analyst for two of the St. Louis Rams' four preseason games this summer.
Oakland Raiders
San Diego Chargers

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Kansas City

Young Chiefs running back Dantrell Savage is getting some special attention this offseason.

My take: The fact that former Kansas City running great Priest Holmes is helping Savage prepare for the 2009 season is sure to get folks excited in Kansas City. Holmes has a special place in the hearts of Chiefs fans. Give credit to Savage for recognizing Holmes as a rushing authority. The Chiefs are excited about Savage. The summer work with Holmes won't hurt him.

San Diego

Former NFL quarterback Trent Green thinks Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is a shoo-in to be a 4,000-yard passer this season.

My take: Rivers threw for 4,009 yards last season. It was his highest yardage total by more than 600 yards in his three seasons as an NFL starter. Throwing for 4,000 yards is not easy. It is no shoo-in for anyone. But Green's belief in Rivers shows what people think of Rivers: He is an elite quarterback and he's been recognized for it.

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As part of our all-decade week, our Football Outsiders put together a list of the overrated and underrated players of the decade. Here is a look at some of the listed players who played in the AFC West:


3. Chris Chambers, San Diego
My take:
Chambers has been hurt a lot for San Diego. I don't know if he belongs this high on the list.

9. Dante Hall, Kansas City
My take:
Sure, hall has his shortcomings, but he was a brilliant returner while with the Chiefs. This is a little harsh.

10. DeAngelo Hall, Oakland
My take:
I think he should be much higher on the list. He was exposed in his short Oakland stint.

24. Travis Henry, Denver
My take:
I really don't think the troubled Henry was overrated. I just thought he was a waste of talent.

25. All Denver punters
My take:
Can't argue. What would Shane Lechler be like in the Mile High City?


2. Matt Lepsis, Denver
My take:
I covered Lepsis for four seasons. He was very underrated. He was a terrific player in his prime.

12. Al Wilson, Denver
My take:
At first, I was surprised to see Wilson's name on the underrated list. I thought he was a recognized player. But the fact that Denver's defense has been a disaster since his 2006 career-ending neck injury is a point well taken.

25. Trent Green, Kansas City
My take:
Green was hurt often, but he was, indeed, an effective player when healthy.

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The Denver Post reports that Denver receiver Brandon Marshall met with team owner Pat Bowlen on Friday afternoon. Marshall skipped the team's mandatory minicamp Friday. The camp runs through Sunday.

Marshall is staying away because of medical trust issues and because he wants a pay raise. Marshall has one year remaining on his contract. He can't practice until training camp because he is recovering from a hip surgery.

The San Francisco Chronicle details reasons why the Raiders likely won't pursue quarterback Michael Vick, who was released by Atlanta. I agree. I just don't see it happening. Oakland has plenty of quarterbacks and just because Vick is a troubled player looking for a second chance it doesn't mean the Raiders are going to give him the chance.

San Diego receiver Vincent Jackson suffered a legal setback.

Former Kansas City quarterback Trent Green has retired. Green was a Pro Bowl quarterback for the Chiefs as he played five years for the team.

In a radio interview, San Diego player rep Nick Hardwick made it clear he is not a fan of a potential 18-game schedule.

The rarity of the Cutler saga

March, 20, 2009
  Byron Hetzler/US Presswire
  Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler has formally asked Denver to trade him.

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A large part of the intrigue of the Jay Cutler fiasco is that it is so rare.

Sudden divorces between young, standout quarterbacks and their teams seldom occur. When teams get ahold of young, talented quarterbacks, they usually try to hang onto them. Every team's goal is to get a franchise quarterback.

The Denver Broncos, who drafted Cutler with the No. 11 pick in 2006, clearly thought he was that player to lead them for the next decade-plus. Now, thanks to the mess that began with Denver considering trading him three weeks ago, which resulted in Cutler publicly asking for a trade, that plan is in jeopardy.

What seemed inconceivable three weeks ago could now happen. A 25-year-old Pro Bowl quarterback who isn't in his prime yet (he has started only 37 NFL games) could be traded. It just doesn't happen much.

Here is a look, going back 15 years, at some of the QBs who were traded in the middle of their careers and how it worked out for them and their new teams.

We will start with Jeff George, who is the most comparable to Cutler because of age.


Jeff George

  • Year traded: 1994
  • Age: 26
  • From where to where: Indianapolis to Atlanta
  • Cost: Two first-round picks and a third-round pick.
  • How it worked: George had some success in Atlanta, but he didn't live up to the trade cost. He got his passing yards in the Falcons' run-and-shoot offense and the team made the playoffs in his second season in Atlanta. But the George-Falcons marriage fell apart in 1996, his third season with the team. He was shipped to the Raiders in 1997. It began a vagabond NFL life for George. He ended up playing for seven teams in 17 NFL seasons.
  • Compared to Cutler: Cutler will be 26 next month. George was 26 when the Colts traded him. He was considered a young gun as Cutler is now.

Brad Johnson

  • Year traded: 1999
  • Age: 30
  • From where to where: Minnesota to Washington
  • Cost: First-, second- and third-round picks.
  • How it worked: Johnson played well in 1999. He blossomed into a star and he had one of the best seasons ever by a Redskins quarterback, making the Pro Bowl. It seemed as if Johnson was worth the steep price, but he made a lot of mistakes in 2000 and fell out of favor. He was traded to Tampa Bay after the 2000 season and won a Super Bowl in his second season with the Buccaneers. Johnson, released in the offseason by Dallas, has had an average NFL career and he wasn't worth the bounty the Redskins gave up for him.
  • Compared to Cutler: Not a very similar situation because he was already 30 and the Vikings had Randall Cunningham when Johnson was dealt.

Rick Mirer

  • Year traded: 1997
  • Age: 26
  • From where to where: Seattle to Chicago
  • Cost: Mirer and a fourth-round pick were traded for a first-round pick.
  • How it worked: Mirer was a high-pick flameout in Seattle after four years and his career didn't take off after the trade to Chicago. He barely played in Chicago and was cut the following year. The Bears gave up plenty for Mirer and he never was worth the cost. Mirer flopped around the league, playing for five more teams after being cut by Chicago.
  • Compared to Cutler: Yes, Mirer was young when he was traded, but he already was a failure as a starter. Cutler is establishing himself as a premier player.

Trent Green

  • Year traded: 2001
  • Age: 30
  • From where to where: St. Louis to Kansas City
  • Cost: Green and a fifth-round pick for a first-round pick.
  • How it worked: Pretty well. While Green was injury-prone often in his career, he was a solid player for the Chiefs. He was a legitimate starter in his six seasons with Kansas City and the Chiefs were regular playoff contenders. Green wasn't a star, but he was a solid player and he gave the Chiefs a chance to win. 
  • Compared to Cutler: Not very similar. Green was older, but he wasn't as established as Cutler -- he had started only 19 games before he was traded.

Matt Schaub

  • From where to where: Atlanta to Houston
  • Year traded: 2007
  • Age: 25
  • Cost: Two second-round picks
  • How it has worked: Schaub has the look of a solid player. He has been a starter since going to Houston. He has battled injuries and growing pains. But the Texans remain committed to him and he seems like he could have a good future. It appears that it was a worthwhile trade for Houston.
  • Compared to Cutler: Schaub was young, but he was a backup with very little game experience when he was traded, so his situation doesn't compare as well to Cutler's as George's does.

If you want to go further back, you can look at Brett Favre and Steve Young being traded, but again they don't compare to George and Cutler.

  2008: Best of Jay Cutler Video
  Highlights of the best moments from Jay Cutler in 2008.

Favre had almost no game experience when he was dealt from Atlanta to Green Bay in 1992. Young, who was 25 when he was traded from Tampa Bay to San Francisco in 1987, was a backup for several years after he was dealt. And, of course, there is Matt Cassel, who played a central role in the Cutler fiasco. He was traded to Kansas City along with linebacker Mike Vrabel from New England for a second-round pick after one effective season with the Patriots. But we have no idea how that will play out.

Quarterback trades are not completely foreign, but their success rates vary and the reasons usually have to do with age and skill level.

Cutler is young and has shown he can play at a high level. Thus, as you can see, there are few trades involving quarterbacks that compare directly to Cutler. That's why this situation is so rare.

Chiefs to honor Roaf

December, 9, 2008

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The Chiefs are honoring Willie Roaf this weekend.

The star tackle had a brief but stellar stay in Kansas City. He played for Kansas City from 2002-2005. The 11-time Pro Bowl player made the Pro Bowl each of his four seasons with Kansas City. Roaf retired from the NFL in 2006.

Roaf will be honored at halftime during Sunday's home game against San Diego. There will be a video presentation and Roaf is expected to address the crowd.

"Willie Roaf is arguably the finest left tackle to have ever played in the NFL," Kansas City general manager Carl Peterson said in a release by the team. "We were very fortunate to execute a trade for Willie with the New Orleans Saints. What the Chiefs received was the 'personal' protection of QB Trent Green for four years which led to four Pro Bowl appearances for Willie. At the same time, he became a member of one of the most highly-decorated offensive lines in Chiefs history.

"Throughout his professional football career, Willie conducted himself in a manner both on and off the field that has served his reputation well and is a quality one would hope all NFL players would emulate," Peterson continued. "We are delighted to pay tribute to him and hope to do so again in the future when he is welcomed into the family of greats as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We wish Willie and his family all the best for the future."

This is a nice honor for Roaf. The Chiefs have long had a reputation of treating their players well and this honor for a player who was in Kansas City for less than half a decade is an illustration of it. It shows a player doesn't have to be in a city for 10-plus years to be appreciated.

Meanwhile, tickets for the San Diego game and the home season finale against Miami on Dec. 21 are still available.