Bruce Arians hopes Peyton Manning can go out 'happy'

TEMPE, Ariz. – Peyton Manning’s first quarterbacks coach in the NFL isn’t sure if Sunday’s Super Bowl is the last game for the legendary QB, but Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said winning would be the perfect way to retire.

“I hope if he wins, he can go out as happy as he wants to be,” Arians told ESPN. “He doesn’t have to hold his head down if he loses. He got that team to the Super Bowl and beat [New England] coach [Bill] Belichick, which is not easy.”

Arians coached Manning from 1998, his rookie season, to 2001 with the Indianapolis Colts.

Speculation has grown the last two weeks that Sunday may be Manning’s last game. He was hampered the last two months of the season with a plantar fascia injury. At 39, he’s the oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl; it is his fourth, having won just one.

“If he’s going out,” Arians said, “he’s going out a winner.”