Flush the Pocket: Cards in London in '14?

TEMPE, Ariz. – When the NFL announced that it will have three games in London earlier this week, one of the teams caught the Arizona Cardinals’ eye.

The Cardinals are scheduled next season to play at the Oakland Raiders, who along with the Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars will take one of their home games to London in 2014. Although nothing is guaranteed as of yet because the league hasn’t announced dates or matchups, it’s certainly a possibility.

For a brief minute this week, however, there was talk that the Cardinals’ odds of playing in London may increase because one of their road games will be against an NFC South opponent -- potentially the Falcons -- that finishes in the equivalent position in the standings. But the likelihood of the NFL waiting to notify teams and announce the matchup until the standings have been decided isn’t high.

The NFL has typically waited until the Super Bowl to reveal the visiting teams but there’s a good chance they could be unveiled by the end of the season, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said via email.

So, Cards fans, you may be able to book your London trip by New Year’s.

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