Flush the Pocket: Campbell didn't see wave

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- While Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell lay on the turf at Candlestick Park on Sunday waiting for feeling in his extremities to return, 49ers fans couldn’t be bothered to sit in silence and respect what he was going through on the field

No, they did the wave. Well, they at least tried.

The announced crowd of almost 70,000 couldn’t get together in rhythm for a seamless wave, with some fans being seen laughing and drinking their beers, all while Campbell lay there, scared at first but still cautious after feeling returned to his hands and feet.

“I didn’t really know they were doing it,” Campbell said. “When I got off the field and put my thumbs up, the crowd gave me a pretty good cheer so I felt pretty good about that.

“I felt a lot of love coming off the field so that’s good for me.”

Campbell’s right, the crowd did give him a hearty cheer as he was being wheeled off strapped down on a stretcher, but they should’ve stayed solemn like the 49ers players on the field did until there was a sign one way or the other about Campbell.

San Francisco players, disturbed and disgusted by their faithful and went to Twitter to call them out.

AZCentral.com columnist Dan Bickley, who also hosts a local radio show, tweeted out comments Cardinals coach Bruce Arians made on the show Monday afternoon about the wave incident.

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