Carson Palmer gets back muscle relief with new tape job on fingers

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Carson Palmer's right index finger is feeling better, his throwing motion has returned to normal and his lat muscles have recovered after the Arizona Cardinals training staff changed the way his finger was taped on Saturday.

The way Palmer’s fingers were previously taped after his right index finger was dislocated against Philadelphia in Week 15 forced him to change his throwing motion which led to sore back muscles.

“Just having to throw it a little bit different is always different on your body,” Palmer said. “Certain muscles are so used to one specific pattern or one specific movement and when you change that movement, things get thrown out of whack.

“We changed some things up with the way I treated it and the way I taped it, and it’s feeling much better. I haven’t had that issue much since.”

Palmer threw for 274 yards and a touchdown in a 40-17 win over the Eagles and followed it with 265 yards, two touchdowns and an interception against the Packers in Week 16.

Arians compared Palmer’s lat soreness to a pitcher experiencing muscle issues because he changes his delivery.

“For a quarterback, it’s a weird feeling and it worried him some,” Arians said. “But once we readjusted the tape job so that he could use his finger and come off the ball last, the soreness went away and he’s really good right now.”