Tom Moore: 'An honor and a privilege' to coach a curious Peyton Manning

Tom Moore formed a strong bond with Peyton Manning, working together for 13 seasons in Indianapolis. "He makes you a better coach," Moore said. AP Photo/Paul Spinelli

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians might have been Peyton Manning's teacher with the Indianapolis Colts, but Tom Moore was the dean.

For 13 years -- from 1998, starting when Manning was drafted first overall, until 2010 -- Moore worked with Manning daily as the Colts’ offensive coordinator for 12 years and then their senior offensive assistant.

They set records together. They won titles together. And Moore, now the Cardinals assistant head coach/offense, was one of the coaches Manning called the weekend before his retirement on last week to tell him about the decision.

“You got a lot of memories,” Moore said. “We started together.

“You’re happy for him, the success he’s enjoyed, all the accolades and stuff. Nobody works harder and puts [more] effort and the time in it that he did, and he had a great career.”

Theirs wasn’t just a one-sided coach-player relationship.

For as much as Moore helped Manning, the 77-year-old said Manning helped him.

“He makes you a better coach,” Moore said.

And there wasn’t a week that went by when Manning didn’t go to Moore looking for solutions.

There were some meetings on Saturday nights before a Sunday game when Manning would show up ready to fire questions at Moore. Usually Manning had seen a situation arise during a college game and wondered what the Colts would do if it happened to them.

Manning would say, “Hey, Tom, if this happened in our game, what’s our answer?”

“Peyton always wants answers,” Moore said. “He made you stay on top of the game and be on your toes.

“Just a great person to coach. I’m indebted to him and it was an honor and a privilege.”