FTP: Palmer, 'Amish Rifle' relive funny days

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- The bait was set, almost like a defense trying to lure Ryan Fitzpatrick into an interception.

But the Tennessee Titans quarterback wouldn’t bite. He wouldn’t even sniff it. Nope, Fitzpatrick wasn’t going to share any Carson Palmer stories from their days together in Cincinnati.

“Where do I start?” Fitzpatrick said. “I’ve got plenty of embarrassing stories on him but I know that he’s got probably two times as many on me, so I’m not going to leak any out unless he leaks some on me.”

You could tell Fitzpatrick’s storytelling gun was locked and loaded. But so was Palmer’s.

“Did he tell you any stories?” Palmer asked. “He better be careful because I have a lot about him. I have a lot about him, but love playing with him.”

Palmer and the "Amish Rifle" -- yes, that’s Fitzpatrick’s nickname -- played for the Bengals in 2007 and ’08. Every day for two years the Amish Rifle saw what the Arizona media sees twice a week: Palmer’s funny side.

“Real dry sense of humor, very sarcastic. He relies on the pranks a lot,” Fitzpatrick said. He’s a real practical jokester. We had plenty of prank wars back in Cincinnati.

“It’s funny because he’ll come across as a serious guy at times but he likes a good practical joke.”

Don’t we all?

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