FTP: Tale of the Cards-Titans' tape

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- It's not quite like college, but rankings in the NFL do mean something.

On a weekly basis, Arizona's coaches can be heard rattling off their opponents' standings in a variety of categories. Here's a look at how Arizona and Tennessee rank within the NFL in some of the most important categories.



Yards/game: 18-21

Yards/play: 18-20

Rush yards/game: 25-15

Pass yards/game: 14-23

Interception rate: 30-20

Sacks/pass att.: 17-13

3rd down percentage: 22-6

Red zone percentage: 19-14


Yards/game: 5-14

Yards/play: 3-14

Rush yards/game: 3-20

Pass yards/game: 11-10

Interception rate: 7-21

Sacks/pass att.:11-21

3rd down percentage: 12-4

Red zone percentage: 15-29

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