Arians returns home a slimmer coach

Arizona coach Bruce Arians returned to his hometown of York, Pa., last week a slimmer, trimmer man than he’d been during the 2013 season.

Arians was among the guests of honor at the 50th York Area Sports Night. He regaled the crowd with tales Cardinals fans can recite from memory: How he was hospitalized as the Temple University head coach because of stress-induced migraines and how learning to delegate made his transition to being a head coach easier.

But Arians shed light on a new piece of information. He gained about 33 pounds during the past year, according to an article in The York Daily Record, but he’s already lost about 15 of them since the end of the season.

“I think it's stress-related again, but I also quit working out,” said Arians, who went to William Penn High School in York, according to the paper. “I just got back into it so that I can (keep coaching) as long as I want to. Because you feel like you're cheating yourself, 30 minutes away from it. Commitment as a head coach is a little different than as a coordinator.”

Arians talked about losing weight and getting into shape late in the season, especially after health issues sidelined Denver coach John Fox and former Houston coach Gary Kubiak. The 61-year-old Arians said he built in time to exercise into his schedule but it was eventually enveloped into his coaching schedule.

Seeing two colleagues go down, whether or not it could’ve been avoided with exercise, was a wake-up call for Arians.

Arians also talked about the years since he went into retirement or “re-firement,” as he likes to call it, after the 2011 season in Pittsburgh, which led him to Indianapolis and then to Arizona.

“No one would buy that movie,” Arians joked.