Cardinals' Mount Rushmore – past and present

We all know how LeBron James feels about being on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore. But what if there was one built for the Arizona Cardinals? Who would be on it? Glad you asked.

I would build two Mount Rushmores for the Cardinals -- one pre-1988, from when the team was based in Chicago and St. Louis, and an Arizona monument, honoring the four best players to take the field at Sun Devil and University of Phoenix stadiums.

As with any list, there’ll be some debate as to who made it and who didn’t, but the eight players I came up with were worthy of being enshrined (err, chiseled?) on a mountain -- maybe on Camelback or the Four Peaks?

What do you think?

Mount Rushmore -- Arizona

Kurt Warner -- The only quarterback to lead the Cardinals to a Super Bowl. Besides winning it, what more did Warner need to do?

Larry Fitzgerald -- The face of the Cardinals, Fitzgerald has made a case as the best Cardinal ever and is a sure-fire Hall of Famer.

Aeneas Williams -- A recent Hall of Fame inductee, Williams’ nose for interceptions, fumble recoveries and the end zone has him staking a claim as the best Cardinals’ defender to play in Arizona.

Pat Tillman -- His legacy speaks for itself and his production on the field in his four seasons set the foundation for what would have been a long and solid career.

The next four: Jake Plummer, Patrick Peterson, Adrian Wilson, Darnell Dockett.

Mount Rushmore -- Pre-1988

Charley Trippi -- The Cardinals’ first star, he led the franchise to its first championship while playing quarterback, halfback and on defense.

Roger Wehrli -- Among the Cardinals best defenders in the 1970s, he had 40 career interceptions while mastering man-to-man pass coverage.

Larry Wilson -- A Hall of Famer with a franchise best 52 interceptions who was one of the NFLs top free safeties in the 1960s and whose career with the team stretched more than 43 years

Jim Hart -- He spent 18 seasons as a Cardinal and is firmly planted as the team’s best quarterback before its move to Arizona with almost 35,000 passing yards.

The next four: Dan Dierdorf, Neil Lomax, Ottis Anderson, Roy Green.