Flush the Pocket: Fitz raves about Mathieu

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- Tyrann Mathieu made a lot of fans Sunday with his strip of Rams tight end Jared Cook, but he earned the adoration of one of his teammates long before that play.

“I absolutely love the kid,” Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said on "PFT Live." “I love him. He works his tail off every single day at practice. He comes to work and studies. He plays so hard. He’s a tremendous in our locker room, too.”

Fitzgerald continued to rave about the rookie’s work ethic and humble demeanor at the end of his interview with PFT’s Mike Florio, which can be seen here.

“He’s on time, he’s punctual, taking notes in meetings, just everything that you would expect out of a player of his caliber,” Fitzgerald continued. “Him and [Cardinals cornerback] Patrick Peterson together, it’s just really exciting. I’m so happy he’s on our team.”

Fitzgerald also discussed the Cardinals’ offense compared to 2012, his durability, the Rams game and the Pro Bowl.

He’s long been a historian of the game and wants to see the Pro Bowl be a reward for those in the Super Bowl.

Fitzgerald has also long been excited about having Carson Palmer as his quarterback.

“Having Carson Palmer and his knowledge and his experience out there is playing huge dividends for us, not only on the field but in the locker room,” Fitzgerald said. “He’s truly a stabilizing figure for us. He definitely understands the game.”

Fitzgerald also joined NFL Network’s Rich Eisen on his podcast.

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