Bucannon, agent waiting on other contracts

The numbers have been agreed upon but now Arizona Cardinals first-round pick Deone Bucannon and his agent, Cameron Foster, are waiting for other first-round selections drafted around Bucannon to sign before they put pen to paper.

While Foster is closely watching the negotiations of the picks made toward the end of the first round, he's specifically keeping an eye on the guarantees Cleveland's Johnny Manziel and Minnesota's Teddy Bridgewater will receive.

"We're waiting to see how those are going to bump up [other contracts]," Foster said. "We agreed on the numbers. It's just a matter of guarantees, how many years we can get."

Due to the rookie wage scale, Bucannon's four-year rookie contract is expected to be worth about $7.7 million with about a $3.9 million signing bonus, according to reports. A fifth-year option can also be included in Bucannon's contract since he was a first-round pick.

Only three first-round picks have signed as of Monday night, the lowest one being wide receiver Brandin Cooks with the New Orleans Saints, who chose him at 20th after swapping places with the Cardinals. Cooks' deal will be worth about $8.4 million with a $4.4 million signing bonus, according to ESPN.com reports.

Foster was in Arizona last week to negotiate Bucannon's contract and expects the safety to sign soon. He doesn't want to Bucannon to be the last contract signed but it looks like he'll be waiting for higher-profile contracts of the bottom one-third of the first round to be signed before making a move.

"Whenever you can get big contracts around your guy," Foster said, "it'll hopefully help elevate [their contract.]"