Breaking down Southward's contract


Atlanta Falcons rookie safety Dez Southward said Saturday he was relieved to get his contract situation resolved.

When I asked him what the delay was, he said, "I don't know because I let my agent handle all that business.''

Southward, a third-round draft selection, was the last of the nine picks to sign a contract when he made it official last Thursday. It was a four-year deal that included a $690,832 signing bonus.

As former agent Joel Corry explained, there is more variance with third-round pick deals than any other round. They don't encounter the same signing bonus and minimum salary base deals as those drafted in the fourth through seventh rounds. That would explain why Southward's agent probably tried to negotiate more money and thus, extended the process a little longer.

Here is how Southward's contract breaks down:


  • Cap value: $592,708

  • Cash value: $1,110,832

  • Base salary: $420,000


  • Cap value: $737,373

  • Cash value: $564,665

  • Base salary: $564,665


  • Cap value: $859,374

  • Cash value: $686,666

  • Base salary: $686,666


  • Cap value: $935,545

  • Cash value: $762,837

  • Base salary: $762,837