Falcons' Trufant asborbs big-play blame

ATLANTA -- Give Desmond Trufant credit.

Even if the Atlanta Falcons second-year cornerback wasn't fully responsible for a 63-yard touchdown given up to Tennessee receiver Nate Washington on Saturday night, Trufant certainly took ownership for the blunder.

``I'm definitely going to take the blame,'' Trufant said. `It's my responsibility. I've got to be over the top. And I can't get beat by width, either. I've just got to play better.''

It's fair to wonder if a safety should have rotated back to the middle of the field on the play. Strong safety William Moore jumped down to cover the tight end on Trufant's side, and free safety Dwight Lowery appeared to hesitate for a moment unsure whether to help underneath or drop back deep.

Not to mention the Falcons didn't generate enough pressure up front on Tennessee quarterback Jake Locker, who had ample time to find Washington. Jonathan Babineaux got to Locker a tad late.

Whatever the case, Trufant took the big play to heart.

``I've been working so hard this offseason and in camp and I've been dominating, but there's always like one or two plays in the last two games that I could have done better,'' Trufant said. ``I'm going to learn from it. It's still preseason. I've still got two more weeks to get ready for when it really count. Just know I'm going to be ready.''

Falcons coach Mike Smith said Trufant was ``part of the issue'' on the play.

``I thought we played a good first half except for the long play,'' Smith said. ``Again, what you see out there and when you don't know what the call is, don't try to put a culprit on it. There's 11 guys out there, not just one giving up a big play.''

The Falcons surrendered six touchdowns of 40-plus yards last season. It's an issue that needs to be resolved immediately, particular with the big-play ability Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints will bring to town in Week 1.