Robiskie: No one can replace Julio Jones

Atlanta Falcons assistant head coach Terry Robiskie, who works with the wide receivers, wants to make something clear: There is no way to replace Julio Jones.

In Robiskie's mind, no one is even close to Jones in terms of being an explosive deep threat.

"I can say it to you -- and it's just my opinion because I coach him -- but I don't know if Calvin Johnson could replace Julio Jones," Robiskie said in an interview Wednesday. "You're talking about a vertical, explosive guy who ... Julio moves the earth when he runs. People don't realize that. When Julio passes by you, the ground is shaking."

Jones was grounded the last time the Falcons played when he suffered a second fracture in his right foot, resulting in season-ending surgery. Robiskie has been in constant contact with his top receiver trying to keep Jones' spirits up.

"I told him when he got hurt in the game, I was standing right next to him and felt his pain," Robiskie said. "As he went in for surgery, from my playing days I've had nine surgeries, so I told him, 'I know what it feels like to be laying in the bed. If you need me, I'll come lay with you.' That certainly raised his spirits."

Robiskie emphasized how no one -- not even his own son, Brian, who was signed by the team last week -- will be expected to come in a fill the void left by Jones. Before the injury, Jones led the Falcons with 41 catches for 580 yards and two touchdowns.

"That's power, that's speed, that's explosion," Robiskie said of Jones. "I love Calvin [Johnson]. I coached Calvin in the Pro Bowl. But the only guy I've ever been close to that's powerful and explosive like Julio Jones is a guy named Bo Jackson. And I coached Bo for about three, four years with the Raiders. Bo, that's the only other guy that I've been around when he passes you, the earth was shaking and the breeze went by. You knew Bo just passed you.

"For me, Julio is the same guy. So the fans who are out there saying, 'How are you going to replace Julio?' Tell them I won't. Not only will I not replace him this week and next week and this season, I probably won't replace him in my lifetime."