Justin Forsett's photo with Obama will be his new profile pic for everything

If anyone didn't believe Justin Forsett met President Barack Obama last week, the Baltimore Ravens running back now has proof. Forsett posted the picture of himself, his wife and the president on Twitter late Tuesday night.

For those who follow Forsett on social media, you should get used to seeing the photo, according to the hashtag he put on the tweet.

Forsett was extremely worried that he wasn't going to get his picture with President Obama. He was still planning to take a selfie with him even though the Secret Service asks everyone not to use their phone.

Then, the introduction came: "Mr. President, this is Justin Forsett of the Baltimore Ravens."

"At this moment, every plan that I have goes out the window," Forsett wrote on his personal blog. "I was like a little schoolgirl. ZERO SWAG."

Forsett's only regret was forgetting to tell the president that he was going to Flint, Michigan, where he will help with the city's water crisis.

"I guess I’ll have to call him on his cellphone – since we’re pretty much besties – and let him know all about it," Forsett wrote. "Yeah right, I wish LOL!"