ChatRewind: Top WR on offseason radar

There was a lot of talk about the Baltimore Ravens trading for a wide receiver around the trade deadline. This will continue to be a hot topic this offseason. Which wide receiver should the Ravens sign? I believe it's someone who is already on the team. I address this and more in our weekly Ravens chat ...

Jim B. (Taneytown, MD): Keep up the great work JH. Since the trade deadline has come and gone and the Ravens failed to make an improvement to their shaky WR core, do you foresee the Ravens and Cardinals working out a deal for Larry Fitzgerald like they did for Anquan Boldin a few years back?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): The Ravens really don't have the cap room to get a wide receiver of that caliber. If there is going to be a big deal for a WR, it's going to be extending Torrey Smith. He's entering the final year of his contract in 2014. The Ravens are going to have to add another WR next season, though. I don't see them bringing back Jacoby Jones. So, they will add someone to the mix of Smith, Marlon Brown, Tandon Doss and Deonte Thompson. Just don't expect a big name.

Rick (Timonium): What happened Tuesday?!?! What happened before the trade deadline that precluded the Ravens from acquiring a WR??

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): The only WR that would fit under the Ravens' cap was Kenny Britt and he came with a lot of baggage. The Ravens obviously felt that renting him for nine games wasn't worth a fourth or fifth-round pick. Hard to blame them.

Gabe A. (Columbus, OH): Where do you think the Ravens go with the first pick in the draft? Clearly they need another receiving option, but they also might need to address offensive line if they can't bring Michael Oher and Eugene Monroe back. Or do you foresee them going in a different direction?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): In no particular order: RT, TE (if Dennis Pitta isn't' re-signed) and DL.

Matt C (Odenton, MD): What are you thoughts on the Cleveland matchup? Does the O-Line get handled by Phil Taylor again? Do Jason Campbell and Josh Gordon light up this defense? Or do the Ravens come out with a new fire and mentality?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): The Ravens are going to have double coverage on Gordon the whole game. There's been a priority on limiting big plays, and Gordon is one of the best big-play wide receivers in the game right now. As far as the Ravens offense goes, I believe they're going to test the Browns' run defense. Baltimore knows it can't get in third-and-longs. If there are too many third-and-longs, the Ravens know they won't be able to handle to Browns' pass rush. The Ravens really respect Cleveland's ability to pressure the QB.

Peter (New Orleans): Jeez, have we already given up on the season that we're already asking so many questions about the draft? I want to know if you see the Ravens making the playoffs for a sixth straight year. Or at least finishing with a winning record and ahead of the Steelers and Browns.

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I don't see the Ravens catching the Bengals. I expect them to split with Cincy and finish in second place. But look at the wild-card race. The Ravens are one game behind the Chargers. They have a legitimate shot of making the playoffs when you look at the teams they're competing against (Jets, Dolphins, Browns and Titans).