James Ihedigbo denies choking Greg Little

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens safety James Ihedigbo denies choking Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little during Sunday's loss in Cleveland.

After Little made this allegation in Cleveland, the open locker room period had ended in Baltimore and reporters requested a statement from Ihedigbo. Instead, Ihedigbo wanted to speak to reporters face to face to address the issue.

"I would never personally cross the lines or play outside the rules in any manner," Ihedigbo said after Wednesday's practice.

Ihedigbo also disputed a screen shot circulating on the Internet that shows Ihedigbo with his hands on Little's neck while Little is on the ground.

"You can freeze the clip so some surface looks like whatever," he said. "I have my hand on his chest. It is what it is. He ripped off my helmet and threw it. I guess he's looking back on him losing his cool and saying what took place that didn't take place. The refs would've seen it. Other players would've seen it. I would've been punished for the play as well. That didn't take place. To sit back here and say now that all of this other stuff happened and it's Wednesday and the game was played on Sunday is kind of ridiculous to me."

So, why would Little claim that he was choked?

"I'm not a dirty player by any means, but it looks to me that he knows he lost his cool and doesn't want the league to take it out on him and fining him for throwing my helmet," Ihedigbo said. "This is what has kind of come of it."

Ihedigbo said he would be "very surprised" if he received a fine from the league.

"You can watch the tape in full speed," he said. "It was an altercation on the field. The refs dealt with it the correct way. He ripped my helmet off and threw it. Things happen out on the field. But I'd never do anything outside the rules. I play hard. I play physical. And I play to the whistle."