Five plays that ruined Ravens' season: No. 2

All week the Baltimore Ravens blog will look at the five plays that ruined the team's season. Let's continue the countdown with the No. 2 play:

WHEN: Nov. 17, 2013

WHERE: A 23-20 overtime loss in Chicago

THE PLAY: Gino Gradkowski's bad snap to Joe Flacco at the end of regulation.

WHAT THEY SAID: Gradkowski: "The ball got stuck in a little hole there, but that’s no excuse. We have to overcome all of that stuff. A couple times the ball was kind of getting stuck in the mud. Really it was wasn’t too big of a factor, just was a problem a few times.”

WHY IT RUINED THE RAVENS' SEASON: Down by three, the Ravens marched to the Chicago 3-yard line with a chance to win the weather-delayed game in the final minute of regulation. On third-and-goal, Gradkowski's shotgun snap was low and went to the feet of Flacco. There was a passing lane to Torrey Smith in the end zone, but that quickly closed because Flacco was picking up the low snap. With the timing of the play thrown off, Flacco ended up throwing the ball over Smith's head.

The Ravens settled for a game-tying field goal, but they eventually lost the game in overtime. It was the fourth game the Ravens lost by three points or less that season. The loss in Chicago -- from failing to hold onto a 10-point lead, to the two-hour weather delay, to the bad snap -- was easily the most frustrating close loss for the Ravens.