ChatRewind: Discussing Suggs' future

Not surprisingly, there were a lot of questions about linebacker Terrell Suggs and his future with the Baltimore Ravens in our weekly. This stems from general manager Ozzie Newsome being noncommittal on Suggs' status for 2014.

If you want a full transcript of the chat, you can simply click here for that. Here are a few highlights ...

Richard (Atlanta): What do you personally think happened to Terrell Suggs during the second half of the season? I understand that players deal with injuries, dry spells, different assignments, etc., but it was unlike Suggs to completely disappear like he did.

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Just with the eyeball test, you could tell Suggs picked up weight. His tackles, sacks and playing time all went down. It was a strange turn of events because Suggs came to training camp in the best shape I ever saw him in. Suggs was never a workout warrior, but he has to do a better job keeping the pounds off especially when you get on the wrong side of 30 as a player.

Ryan (Hanover, Pa.): Sounds like there is a good chance T-Sizzle (Suggs) is not back in Baltimore next year. Do you think he will be willing to restructure his contract?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): I agree that there is a chance Suggs won't be back. I wouldn't classify it as a "good chance" he won't be back, though. My gut feeling says Suggs and Ravens will find common ground.

Tom (Jacksonville, Fla.): I read Ozzie Newsome supposedly wants to get a more athletic safety. Remind me who they drafted in the first round last year again?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Matt Elam, who is more of a strong safety. That was the problem. Elam and James Ihedigbo are both strong safeties who excel being closer to the line. The Ravens never really replaced a centerfielder-type safety like Ed Reed. That was Newsome's point.

Juan (Towson): Is there any way the Ravens could work out a deal with a big free agent like center Alex Mack or wide receiver Eric Decker this offseason? What would have to happen for a deal like that to occur?

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Both would fit the profile of players the Ravens would like. Mack was drafted in Cleveland when the GM was George Kokinis, who is back with the Ravens' front office. So, there is a connection there. There are two potential problems with both. Mack and Decker are UFAs, and the Ravens typically sign players who are cut (it doesn't take away compensatory picks that way). Plus, Mack and Decker should get big contracts for their positions, and Ravens don't have tons of cap room.

Mickey (Boston): With the draft inbound, I wonder if you think Ozzie's previous first-round wide receiver busts (Travis Taylor, Mark Clayton) have made him less likely to take a receiver early.

Jamison Hensley (ESPN): Well, the Ravens drafted Flacco five years after they had a bust in Kyle Boller. So, an organization can't think that way. Newsome acknowledged that drafting a wide receiver is a hit-or-miss proposition. But the Ravens were primed to take a big-play receiver like Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas if they had fallen to them.